The idea from the MadreMax® system emerged from the goal of developing a product that integrated less raw material and labour, allowing a higher speed of assembly and avoiding the difficulties.


This system is sold in six cross sections, called Ω50x1.5, Ω100x1.5, Ω150x1.5, Ω200x1.5, Ω250x2.0 and Ω250x2.5. The raw material used for the production of MadreMax® is galvanised structural steel [S350GD + Z275 (EN 10346)].


Fast assembly

No longer necessary to use: connectors; tethers between purlins; straps; girders

Interior metal ridge sheet

Possibility of overcoming large spans and allowing greater distances between purlins


High resistance

Flexibility of solutions

Streamlining of structures

Direct screwing to the columns and overhead beam

Savings on material, labour, manufacturing and assembly



This system has many applications, such as covering and façade purlins, for any type of revetment and superstructure in steel, wood or concrete.

This system is also in the origin of other solutions, resulting from the innovation efforts made by Constálica. The company has been developing its concept for integrated and completely produced solutions according to the MadreMax® concept. This way, the company has developed industrial structures, residential structures, photovoltaic structures and other structures entirely built with the MadreMax® system.