The use of the MadreMax® system in the execution of coverings and façades (horizontal and vertical) applicable to any type of structure (steel, wood or concrete), consists on the placing of the system as a support for the final revetment of the covering or façade.

The main advantage is the possibility of obtaining large spans and allowing greater distances between purlins, thus reducing their number. The high resistance in the two directions allied to its geometrical shape, allows for the elimination of tethers, as well as trellis beams for the suspension of permanent loads. The drilling also does not require mounting straps.

The calculation model adopted for the development of the MadreMax® solutions is based on a continuous beam model, which is guaranteed through its overlapping capacity to reinforce the peaks of positive and negative moments, a factor that allows increasing its overall resistance.

The use of vertical profiles allows, automatically and without extra costs, for the execution of platbands.


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