Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Constálica is committed to improving satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of its customers and employees, with the aim of asserting its technological, innovative and unique capacity, while remaining a prestigious entity and supplier of services and products of recognized quality.


To this end, Constálica's management declares its commitment to ensuring:

  • The quality of the products and services provided meets the needs and expectations of internal and external customers;
  • Analyzing complaints and non-conformity reports with a view to improving performance, solving or preventing problems in order to eliminate them;
  • The permanent concern to innovate its products and exercise good professional practice, in accordance with contractual requirements, legislation, regulations, recommendations and standards applicable to the activity;A manutenção e melhoria contínua de um Sistema de Gestão que cumpra de forma eficaz os requisitos da norma NP EN ISO 9001 e EN 1090;
  • Increasing productivity by innovating and optimizing processes and modernizing facilities and equipment;
  • Cooperation and collaboration with suppliers, organizations and external entities.
  • The sustained and positive evolution of the company's strategic, quantitative, productive, commercial and financial indicators;
  • The application of all legislation and other regulations, and where there is no legislation, promoting actions and acting to influence clients and partners to develop and implement best practices;
  • Protecting the environment, improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption.
  • Working with suppliers to ensure a high level of consistency in the services provided on behalf of Constálica with regard to health, safety and the environment.